25 Colleges with the Highest SAT Scores

How does your score compare to the best test takers’ in the world? See the below list and find out!

In recent years, the SAT has come under intense scrutiny. Yet despite concerns expressed by educators, admissions officers, activists, and parents, the SAT is still considered a meaningful differentiator in college admissions offices, and a high score is often an applicant’s passport to admissions success.

Where do the best test takers land? Often at one of the 25 colleges and universities below. Combined, recently admitted students to the below listed schools earned an average score of 1481, according to U.S. News.

Amherst College (MA)

Average SAT score: 1477

Brown University (RI)

Average SAT score: 1488

Carnegie Mellon University (PA)

Average SAT score: 1491

Cornell University (NY)

Average SAT score:1467

Dartmouth College (NH)

Average SAT score:1486

Emory University (GA)

Average SAT score:1442

Georgetown University (DC)

Average SAT score: 1446

Hamilton College (NY)

Average SAT score: 1441

Harvard University (MA)

Average SAT score: 1510

Haverford College (PA)

Average SAT score: 1470

Harvey Mudd College (CA)

Average SAT score: 1520

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Average SAT score:1532

Mount Holyoke College (MA)

Average SAT score:1448

Northeastern University (MA)

Average SAT score:1455

Northwestern University (IL)

Average SAT score:1481

Pomona College (CA)

Average SAT score: 1460

Princeton University (NJ)

Average SAT score: 1501

Stanford University (CA)

Average SAT score:1488

Swarthmore College (PA)

Average SAT score:1452

Tufts University (MA)

Average SAT score:1455

University of Chicago

Average SAT score:1535

University of Pennsylvania

Average SAT score: 1494

Washington University in St. Louis

Average SAT score:1509

Williams College (MA)

Average SAT score:1473

Yale University (CT)

Average SAT score: 1502

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