At The Writing Center of Princeton, Susan shows you how to maximize your chances by writing admission-winning essays.

You’ve seen the numbers and you know the facts:
The number of students applying to college is staggering and the competition is brutal.

As a result, the college application essays have taken on all new importance. In fact, in today’s competitive academic climate, your common application essay and supplemental essays often determine whether you are accepted or denied admission. Many college admissions officers even refer to the common application essay as “The Deal Breaker.”

Why? The common application essay and the supplemental essays are the only documents you submit that show college admissions officers who you are, behind the transcript. That’s important because college admissions officers know that your attributes and interests–not just the grades you earned—are highly predictive of your potential for success in college.

Susan knows the key qualities that college admissions officers look for in application essays, and she teaches you how to exploit that information to maximize your chances.

At The Writing Center of Princeton, Susan is dedicated to helping you pick topics that show how you stand out from all other applicants. At the same time, she teaches you how to turn your common application essay and supplemental essays into strategic marketing documents that not only sell you, but that add value to your brand.


• How to choose essay topics that college admissions officers like to read
• How to find topics that highlight how you are both uniquely qualified and the ideal student for the colleges to which you are applying
• Ways to synthesize multiple aspects of your experience in one essay to showcase more than one interest or talent
• How to write attention-grabbing first sentences
• How to write in a distinctive and memorable way
• Writerly techniques for striking the right tone; not too boastful but not shy
• To revise with a special emphasis on impact, formal organization, effective use of details, and clarity and correctness at the sentence level
• How to use tricks professional writers use to polish your essay
• How to strategize the supplemental essays to maximize their impact
• Strategic ways to write a brag sheet that highlight not just your scores and accomplishments but your personal attributes as well
• How to write a resume that says “This is the student we want!”
• Simple ways to direct letter writers to use targeted, detailed language that will represent your attributes as well as accomplishments
• How to add value to your college admissions application starting in 9th  and 10th grade
• How to reduce your college application stress

How does Susan differ from
typical college application essay prep services?

• Susan doesn’t waste time with instruction that is not designed for you. Instead all lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs.

• Susan is a long-time educator and professional writer and she uses both her educational smarts and her writing smarts to help you write essays that will secure your admission.

• Susan brings her hands-on experience as a former admissions interviewer for Vassar College to each tutorial.

Susan offers one-on-one instruction at The Writing Center of Princeton or in your home. Online tutoring is available via Skype. All lessons customized to meet the unique needs of each student. All instruction is available as individual lessons or discounted packages.

All instruction is conducted in a private, distraction-free environment.

Colleges to which Susan’s students have been accepted


“The college application process is absolutely nerve-racking, but Susan gave us peace of mind. She developed a personal action plan with our daughter and kept us all on track. Susan really knows what she’s doing: s­he thinks strategically and teaches in a focused, positive manner. We all enjoyed working with her.”
– Dheena P., parent of 12th grader

“Susan is an unparalleled college admissions tutor and coach. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
– Liz and Craig T., parents of rising senior

“My son hates to write. Without Susan’s support and guidance, he never would have made it through all the supplemental essays required by colleges today. She’s focused, strategic, and compassionate.”
– Padma A., parent of rising senior

“Our son is a bright, capable, non-traditional (LD) learner and we needed to find a college essay counselor and tutor who could connect with him in a positive way. We are very thankful we found Susan; she was able to bring out the best in him and ultimately he was admitted to all the schools he applied to.”
– John W., parent of senior

“I really cannot thank Susan enough. She showed me how to strategize the application essays for each college to which I applied. The tutoring and coaching sessions changed the outcome of my entire educational career!”
– Emma P., graduate school applicant

“Susan showed me how to spin off my common app essay work to write responses for the supplemental essays. Working with her was quick, easy, and fun.”
– Jin P., 12th grader

“Susan is a great college admissions tutor, coach, and counselor. Her keen intellect and sensitive perception enabled her to identify problem areas in my daughter’s application materials, and she quickly showed her how to turn her common app essay into a strategic marketing document. She is a pleasure to work with, full of humor and wisdom.”
– Hai Ri., parent of 12th grader

“Cambridge University was the only graduate school I applied to, and I thought I had a pretty good chance. But I was stuck on the essay. Susan helped me see that my family’s background was an important part of my success, and showed me how to write about it in a compelling and strategic way. The moment Cambridge called with my acceptance, I phoned Susan!”
– Endah H., graduate student

“Susan is an exceptional writing tutor. While working with her to complete my grad school apps, I learned more from her about strategic communication than I had from my English profs at Harvard. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”
– Molly W., graduate school applicant