Frustrated with your writing?

Unable to understand your teacher’s comments?

Not getting the grades you want?

At The Writing Center of Princeton, Susan’s strategic approach to writing tutoring gives you the tools you need to get the grades you want. Her targeted, research-based, interactive, nonjudgmental, and fully customizable instruction takes the mystery out of writing and gives you the skills you need to write strong, grade-winning essays.

Susan teaches you

• How to decode or “translate” homework assignments so you know what the teacher wants
• Strategic ways to plan and organize your essay
• Easy ways to start writing
• Formulas for writing thesis statements, topic sentences, and paragraphs
• Simple ways to write teacher-satisfying conclusions
• Tricks and strategies professional writers use to detail, persuade, inform, and analyze

how is her approach different?

• Unlike part-time tutors, Susan is a pro. She’s devoted her entire career to teaching.

• She doesn’t waste time with instruction designed for “the average student.”
Instead, every lesson is tailored to the individual needs of each learner.

• She uses real-school assignments, not workbook exercises.

• She improves your writing by building on your strengths,
not by dwelling on weaknesses.

• She provides personalized, step-by-step action plans for going forward
at the end of each lesson.

Susan offers one-on-one instruction at The Writing Center of Princeton or in your home. Online tutoring is available via Skype. All lessons customized to meet the unique needs of each student. All instruction is available as individual lessons or discounted packages.

All instruction is conducted in a private, distraction-free environment.


“Susan’s dedication and support for our son was boundless. Words don’t express the appreciation and respect we have for her. While working with her, our son gained confidence not only in his writing but in himself.”
– Padma and Aarav S., parent of 8th grader

“Susan is awesome. She really cares about the kids she tutors and it shows in their performance.”
– Anaya D., parent of 9th grader

“Susan is an exceptional tutor. She has a great passion for what she does and that passion helps motivate the kids who study with her. Her engaging techniques helped my son organize his thinking and put his thoughts on paper in a meaningful way. I highly recommend her.”
– Susanna L., parent of 10th grader

“When we called Susan, we were frustrated by my son’s English grades and by his teacher’s comments. But Susan broke everything down. She quickly ‘diagnosed’ our son’s areas of frustration and translated the teacher’s comments so that we finally understood what the teacher wanted and how to help our son.”
– Jackie S., parent of 8th grader

“My son was getting high Bs and low As in English, but I knew he could do better. Susan engaged him in a stress-free program to accelerate his writing strengths and develop the areas where he struggled. My son loved working with her, and he’s now getting solid A’s.”
– Devi A., parent of 8th grader

“Susan is talented, respectful, and compassionate. She creates individual lesson plans for each student, and gently shows students how to exceed their own expectations. She really cares about their intellectual growth and their emotional growth.”
– Amy D., parent of 11th grader

“Susan is an inspirational writing tutor. She builds skills and confidence.”
– Sandy R., parent of 11th grader