High school can feel like a pressure cooker. And when your child starts taking Advanced Placement courses, school work can become even more stressful, especially if one or two of those courses is AP Language and Composition or AP Literature.

AP Language and Composition and AP Literature are consistently ranked as two of the five hardest AP courses offered. In fact, studies show that only 7.5% of students who take AP Language and Composition and AP Literature score a perfect 5 on the exam. And only 55% of students who take AP Language and Composition and AP Literature score above a 3, the minimal passing grade.

In large part, these scores reflect inadequate instruction. Advanced placement teachers are required to deliver an enormous amount of content. As a result, there is simply no time to teach AP-level writing or to prepare students for the AP exam.

And yet the hard fact is that the more AP courses your child takes, the greater the chances of getting into a top college and winning scholarship money.

The good news is that we can help.

At WCP, we improve college admissions chances and boost your child’s chances of getting a perfect score on the AP exam by:

• Teaching your child the specific reading and writing skills needed to ace the AP exam
• Showing your child how to use process of elimination to boost exam score
• Boosting your child’s ability to write top-scoring AP essays
• Teaching your child the specific skills needed to write quickly and under pressure

WCP works with students from all over the world via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, phone, and Google docs.

What Makes Us Different from Other AP Language and Composition and AP Literature Tutors?

1. The Experience of Our Founder and Head AP Tutor
• Susan Osborn, Ph.D., has spent 30 years in higher education, in the English department and Writing Program at Rutgers University, in the lab at The New Jersey Center for Research on Writing, in admissions at Vassar College, and as a private tutor.
• Dr. Osborn is also an award-winning writer and scholar and she brings both her education smarts and her writing smarts to every student relationship.

2. Individualized service
Because we know that every child is unique and brings a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to each learning situation, our work with your child is tailored to serve your child’s individual needs.

3. Our Reputation for Quality and Commitment
Dr. Osborn brings all of her professional strengths to each student relationship and she uses all her skills to help your child develop the college-level reading and writing skills needed to do well in the classroom and on the AP Language and Composition and AP Literature exams. We know that with the right support, every child can succeed.

4. Emotional Support
When your child starts taking advanced placement courses, it signals the beginning of the complicated and difficult college admissions process. We know that one of our most important responsibilities is to be here for you and we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you need to vent or just need to talk things over, you can rely on us to support you.

“Our daughter had the AP Language and Composition teacher from hell. My daughter, who had always got As and Bs, was suddenly getting Cs and Ds. There was too much work, too little instruction, and when instruction was given, neither me nor my daughter could make any sense of it. But Susan clarified everything and taught our daughter all she needed to get through the class and succeed on the AP exam. Most important, her confidence in herself was restored and she’s now able to apply to the top colleges on her list.”

Jon and Yang Tam, parents of high school junior

Advanced Placement Services for Students in 9th Grade
for Students in 9th Grade

In ninth grade, we prepare your child for AP Language and Composition and AP Literature by teaching your child how to:

• Develop advanced reading skills
• Improve skills for writing and thinking about character, theme, and symbols
• Identify and improve understanding of imagery, figurative language, and other rhetorical devices
• Identify and understand the three rhetorical appeals you need to know before the AP exam: ethos, pathos, and logos
• How to solidify understanding of grammar rules
• Develop a reading list that will help optimize exam scores

for Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade

Starting in 10th grade, we show your child:

• What AP teachers and AP exam readers look for
• How to solidify ability to write well-organized, AP-level synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and literary analysis essays
• How to advance and refine close reading skills
• How to advance understanding of ethos, pathos, logos
• How to solidify understanding of rhetorical devices and their purposes
• Five easiest rhetorical devices to write about on the exam
• Ready-to-use thesis statement formulas that can be used in class and on the day of the AP exam
• How to use the exam prompt to help organize and write your essays
• The best books to read to boost your AP score
• Best long-term and short-term ways to prep for the exam
• How to boost your score the week before the AP exam day

What to Do Next?
Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our founder and head AP Language and Composition and AP Literature tutor, Dr. Susan Osborn.
I look forward to speaking with you about the many ways we can boost your child’s AP Language and Composition and AP Literature scores and advance your child’s college admissions chances!

Susan Osborn, Ph.D.

All instruction is conducted in a private, distraction-free environment.

from the parents
“A month before the exam, my son had no idea to write for the test. Susan quickly discovered the gaps in his in-class education, and developed an intensive program for success. In the end, he scored a 5!”
– Sashi V., parent of 11th grader
“Susan’s dedication and support for my son was boundless. Words don’t express for the appreciation and respect we have for her.”
– Roopa and Aarav A., parents of 11th grader
“Though the number of sessions we had with Susan was limited, the outcome was amazing. She is a very patient and understanding writing tutor. Not only did she help my son improve his writing skills and strategy, she gave him the confidence to achieve his target.”
– Lakshmi, parent of 11th grader