Will Ardery, M.A., University of Chicago
Will began his teaching and writing tutoring career at Hamilton College, where he worked with student writers to help build confidence and develop the skills needed to write successfully and independently.

While at Hamilton, Will also served as a “First-Year Experience Mentor” for Hamilton’s history department, teaching incoming students writing and time management skills. Besides earning the highest GPA among American History students and the highest GPA in Hamilton’s history concentration, Will was awarded Hamilton’s Cunningham Essay Prize for his honors thesis on Abraham Lincoln.

After graduating magna cum laude with honors, Will continued to work with Hamilton professors to craft a comprehensive thesis-writing guide. He also co-authored Hamilton’s “Writing Longer Papers.” At the same time, he created an in-depth guide for Darien, Connecticut’s Historical Society titled “Darien’s Golden Age of Arts & Design” and served as a substitute teacher in the Darien public school system.

As a writing tutor, college application counselor, and college application essay writing specialist, Will specializes in pinpointing areas of difficulty in student writing and then providing constructive and easy-to-apply techniques to ensure writing success and the development of student writing skills and confidence. His teaching approach is cheerful, encouraging, and patient, with an emphasis on collaborating with students to optimize college admissions chances and to foster long-term writing growth. He is committed to empowering students with the writing skills they need to write stronger essays and to become more successful college applicants and writers.

“By improving critical thinking and problem solving skills, writing tutoring helps students advance in all subject areas.”

As a Writing Specialist in the University of Chicago’s Humanities Core, Will teaches new college students the ins and outs of academic writing; his seminars cover every part of the writing process, from research, to argumentation, to revision. As a Lector in the University’s Academic & Professional Writing course, he helps undergraduate students develop the writing skills needed to write a B.A. thesis, apply to graduate school, and apply to professional school. During the summer, Will serves as a Writing Instructor for the University’s Academic Achievement Program (CAAP) where he teaches incoming students the basics of college level writing.

M.A., University of Chicago, Social Sciences
B.A., Hamilton College, History, with minor in Literature
Recipient of the Cunningham Essay Prize, Darling Prize in American History, and Graves Prize in History
Member, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta
Advanced Certificate in Tutoring and College Counseling, The Writing Center of Princeton

“I had to leave school for a year and when I came back, I wasn’t sure I could get through all the writing. But Will was a godsend. He saw what I needed right away and within a few short weeks I was writing independently and getting all As.”

Sabrina, 9th grader, The Hotchkiss School

Reading and Writing Fundamentals

Reading Comprehension

Time Management

Language Arts

Essay Writing

High School English

Middle School English

High School Social Studies

Middle School Social Studies

High School Philosophy

College Application Essays

Confidence Training

Primary and Secondary Research Skills

Melissa Walsh, M.A., Rider university
During the past decade, Melissa Walsh has served as a writing tutor to elementary, middle, and high school students and to adult students and professionals.

As a writing tutor, Melissa’s main goal is to help students see writing as a communication tool that can be used to develop an academic edge and to express their unique thoughts and ideas. With young students, Melissa works to ensure present levels of proficiency are maintained and developed. With adults, she works to improve and refine writing skills so that professional and personal goals are met.

As an academic and creative writing tutor, Melissa always places the individual student’s interests and learning style at the forefront of her instruction. She approaches each student with their writing strengths in mind, as she works to build confidence and writing skills. Melissa excels at getting her students to express their thoughts by breaking down the writing process into manageable tasks. She patiently works with each student writer until personal confidence, independence, and academic excellence are achieved.

Melissa also works with college-bound ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders to help them hone the kind of personal writing skills they need to write compelling and memorable college application essays. When working with LD and neuroatypical college applicants, she excels at helping students turn perceived weaknesses into strengths. “When I work with students applying to college, I want to accomplish two things: First, I want to make sure they get into the top school on their lists. Second, I want them to end the process recognizing their value as young scholars and thinkers.”

“All writing instruction should be personal, designed with the individual student’s needs in mind.”

Melissa is a certified general and special education teacher dedicated to supporting her district’s Child Study and Intervention and Referral Services teams. Melissa’s vast knowledge of special education and learning disabilities make her an excellent resource for students, parents, and colleagues. Melissa’s expertise helps parents decipher IEPs and 504 plans, and she works with families to develop strategic and implementable accommodations. In addition, she excels at approaching learning differences with creative solutions and patience. Melissa’s writing instruction for students with learning differences is tailored specifically for them so she can build on the foundation of their existing strengths.

Also an expert on the impact of psychological trauma on learning and writing, she frequently speaks to educators and parents about the need to incorporate social and emotional learning into all aspects of educational systems. She has also contributed to Whole School Health Through Psychosocial Emotional Learning, authored multiple blog posts about teaching, learning, and health for special education law firms, and presented at statewide conferences on education, communication, and technology.

Melissa is also a talented voice actor who gives voice to key educational projects for the University of Maryland’s Institute for Innovation and Implementation.


M.A, Rider University, Special Education with Distinction
Graduate Level Teacher Certification, Elementary Education, Rider University
B.A., College of Saint Elizabeth, Psychology and International Relations, minor in French
Advanced Certificate in Tutoring and College Counseling, The Writing Center of Princeton

“Melissa is an expert at planning lessons that focus on the educational needs of the individual. She provided insightful weekly summaries on my daughter’s progress and well thought out objectives for upcoming lessons.”

Hien O., parent of West Windsor, NJ 5th grader

Reading and Writing Fundamentals

Reading Comprehension

Remote Learning Loss

Time Management

IEP review

Executive Functioning Skills

Public Speaking

Language Arts

Private School admissions

essay writing

Goal setting and progress monitoring

High school English

Middle school English

College Application Essays

Math fundamentals

Self-advocacy skill building

Elanur Eroglu, M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
Elanur’s love for language, literature, and literacy emerged from her experiences growing up in a bilingual and transnational family. Fluent in English and Turkish, Elanur spent her childhood in Istanbul and in the greater Philadelphia area. In her early 20s, she lived in Dublin, Ireland and Montreal, Canada, where she immersed herself in a variety of unique cultural and literary traditions. Her love for writing poetry and storytelling inspired her to pursue a B.A. in English and Creative Writing. From there, her experiences volunteering at a school for children with autism and apraxia and working at a bilingual Montessori school in Montreal lead her to pursue a M.Phil. in Children’s Literature and a M.S.Ed. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy. On her path to becoming a certified Reading Specialist, she completed placements in the School District of Philadelphia, where she taught across the North Philadelphia region in high school and elementary school settings. She is a certified English Language Arts Teacher and is in process of obtaining her Special Education and Reading Specialist Certification (anticipated 2022). Her goal is to support students and college applicants who learn differently, and to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of each learner by building motivation and fostering engagement in the learning process.
Elanur has several years’ experience serving as a writing tutor and college essay writing specialist, and most recently volunteered with the Philadelphia Writing Project’s “Friday Night Writes,” an initiative dedicated to supporting middle and high school writers (6th-12th grade) via weekly drop-in sessions to discuss and collaboratively revise students’ writing pieces. Students’ pieces included submissions to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, college scholarship and admission essays, and school assignments. Elanur has also worked as a Graduate Assistant assisting faculty in early literacy research and research-based literacy instruction at Drexel and UPenn.

“Supporting students as they develop self-advocacy skills is a crucial part of the writing process. Embracing a growth mindset means thriving on challenge and perceiving setbacks as a springboard for growth and future success by building resilience.”

While at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, Elanur was a recipient of the Philadelphia Writing Project’s Literacy Leadership Award and a recipient of a Master’s Thesis Award for her thesis centering on critical transnational pedagogies. She has worked in summer camps and educational settings where she tailors the writing process to each student’s individual learning needs and goals. Currently, she works as a 2nd-3rd grade co-teacher at a private school for students with learning differences where she is committed to guiding student writers to reach their full potential. She is devoted to helping students reach their goals, and her approach to tutoring develops students’ self-esteem by providing an individualized tutoring experience that engages executive function skills with explicit instruction, releasing responsibility and accountability to the student over time by providing opportunities for creative problem solving and flexible thinking.

M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education,
Reading/Writing/Literacy (2022)

Masters’ Thesis Award, Philadelphia Writing Project Award in Literacy Leadership

M.Phil., Trinity College Dublin, Children’s Literature (2021)

B.A., Concordia University Montreal, English and Creative Writing (Honors), Minor in Sustainability Studies (2020), Member of Loyola Honors College for Diversity and Sustainability Studies

Advanced Certificate in Tutoring and College Counseling, The Writing Center of Princeton

“My son was extremely pleased with the work he did with Elanur. He appreciated both her insight and guidance in writing his essays from start to finish.”

John, parent of 12th grader, Peoria, IL

LD Tutoring

Executive Function Skills

Language Arts

Middle and High School Essay Writing

College Application Essays

Christina found her vocation as a writing teacher and college admissions counselor at Columbia University where she taught for several years while completing her M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in English & Comparative Literature.

After coming to Columbia from the University of Florida, where she received the Outstanding Four Year Scholar award for her original research while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Christina taught undergraduates as an instructor of both composition and literature courses in Columbia’s Core Curriculum.

She helped students write in a range of genres from personal essays to formal research papers, earning stellar student evaluations and a competitive Core Preceptor Fellowship. She also earned a certificate from Columbia’s Innovative Teaching Summer Institute for her dynamic and engaging approaches to writing pedagogy.

Now, as a college admissions essay writing specialist and writing tutor, Christina cultivates the writing skills that students need to optimize their college admissions chances and thrive in elite academic environments. She challenges college applicants and writing students to think deeply and perceptively while arming them with the strategies they need to transform their ideas into compelling and well-organized essays.

“What makes college applicants stand out from their competitors? Good writing. Well-written personal statements and supplemental essays are the best way for applicants to distinguish their applications from all the others.” 

As a college admissions specialist and writing tutor, Christina tailors her instruction to the particular needs and goals of each individual learner and applicant. Her approach is warm, empathetic, and collaborative; her goal is to empower students and college applicants with the tools they need to build sophisticated arguments and tell memorable and compelling stories.  
Ph.D., Columbia University, English & Comparative Literature

Frederic Zeller Memorial Fellow, 2017-2018

Columbia Core Preceptor, 2016-2018

Marjorie Hope Nicolson Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2017

M.Phil., Columbia University, English & Comparative Literature

M.A., Columbia University, English & Comparative Literature

B.A. (summa cum laude), University of Florida, English, minor in Classics, Medieval & Early Modern Studies

Member, Phi Beta Kappa

Outstanding Four Year Scholar

Advanced Certificate in Tutoring and College Counseling, The Writing Center of Princeton

“Christina guided my son with warmth and intelligence through all the really difficult parts of writing his college application essays. Her help on the Common App essay was invaluable. She also helped him create an extracurricular capstone project that helped define and represent his character. We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Karen, mother of NYU freshman


Independent Extracurricular Capstone Project Development

Essay Writing

Close reading and literary analysis

College Composition

High School english

AP Capstone

AP English literature

Ap english language

Reading and writing fundamentals

Research skills

time management

Writing anxiety management