“The college application process is absolutely nerve-racking, but Susan gave us peace of mind. She developed a personal action plan with our daughter and kept us all on track. Susan really knows what she’s doing: s­he thinks strategically and teaches in a focused, positive manner. We all enjoyed working with her.”

– Dheena P., Plainsboro, NJ, parent of 12th grader

“Susan is an unparalleled college admissions tutor and coach. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

– Liz and Craig T., Montgomery, NJ, parents of rising senior

“As a dyslexic reader, I didn’t think I had a chance of getting into a good college. But Susan showed me how to flip what I thought was a weakness into a strength and how to write about it in a positive way. I got into one of the top colleges in the country, and I was also given a $40,000 academic achievement award.”
– Eliza G., Princeton, NJ, 2th grader
“My son took to Susan immediately. Her gentle presence was just what my son needed.”

– Greta M., Hopewell, NJ, parent of ADHD-dysgraphic student

“Susan doesn’t waste your time. She knows what you need to score well on the SAT test and that’s what she teaches. She’s also a lot of fun to work with!”

– Arjun B., West Windsor, NJ, 10th grader

“After working with Susan three times, my son’s ACT score moved from 31 to 34! She is a great test prep tutor.”

– Eui, West Windsor, NJ, parent of 11th grader

“A month before the AP Language exam, my son had no idea to write for the test. Susan quickly discovered the gaps in his in-class education, and developed an intensive program for success. In the end, he scored a 5!”

– Sashi V., South Brunswick, NJ, parent of 11th grader

“I went to Susan for help in AP Language. The second time I took the test, my grade shot up three points, and that was after only three sessions!”
– Pavan C., Austen, TX, 11th grader
“Susan has a knack for offering praise and encouragement, as well as correction. She helped me understand what I did right as well as what needed improvement.”

– Lisa T., Atlanta, GA, 11th grader

“Working with Susan was enlightening, inspiring, and downright fun. She is far more skilled than any other tutor I’ve worked with.”
– Emma H., Morristown, NJ, adult learner
“I never understood my teacher’s comments until I started working with Susan. But she explained what the teachers meant in a way that made sense. Her techniques are really easy to use and I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.”
– Rebecca C., Princeton, NJ, 10th grader
“Hiring Susan was the best decision I made for my daughter’s academic success. Great person, great tutor, great resource!”

– Tamna S., Plainsboro, NJ, parent of 10th grader

“We’ve seen immense improvement in our son’s writing and critical reading skills since he started working with Susan. His grades have improved and he’s gained tremendous self-confidence.”

– Nikki and Alex R., South Brunswick, NJ, parents of 11th grader

“You can’t find a better college counselor and tutor.”

– Rick A., Princeton, NJ, parent of rising senior

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