Every time you improve your SAT or ACT score, you improve your chances of being admitted to the top college on your list, and winning financial aid.

There are many reasons students don’t do as well as expected on SAT and ACT. Some enter the test overconfident. Some take the test with defeatist mentality. But the most common reason students don’t perform as well as expected on the SAT and ACT is lack of preparation.

In fact, while American high school students generally spend over 4,000 hours in their classrooms working hard to achieve high GPAs, most only spend four hours prepping for the SAT and ACT, even though a student’s SAT and ACT scores are just as important as the student’s GPA when it comes to college admissions.

At WCP, we help you identify your test-taking weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Because few students need equal practice in every area of the SAT or ACT, we customize content to focus on your area of need. In addition, we design personalized study plans to make that all students reach their individual SAT or ACT goals.


At WCP, we maximize your child’s chances of being accepted to a top college by showing your child how to:

• Avoid the tricks and traps built into the SAT and ACT
• Quickly eliminate wrong answers
• Read only what you need
• Use process of elimination to boost score
• Decode unfamiliar vocabulary
• Develop test-day readiness and confidence

What Makes Us Different from SAT and ACT Test Prep Tutors?

1. Experience of Our Founder and Head Test-Prep Tutor
• Susan Osborn, Ph.D., has spent over 30 years in education, in the English Department and Writing Program at Rutgers University, in the lab at The New Jersey Center for Research on Writing, in admissions at Vassar College, and as a private tutor.
• Dr. Osborn is also an award-winning writer and scholar and she brings both her education smarts and her writing smarts to every student relationship.

2. Individualized service
We know that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Our SAT and ACT test prep work with your child is targeted to reinforce your child’s specific test-taking strengths and improve your child’s specific test-taking weaknesses.

3. Our Reputation for Quality and Commitment
Dr. Osborn brings all of her professional strengths to each student relationship and she uses all her skills to help your child achieve and exceed target SAT and ACT scores. We know that with the right instruction, every child can improve, and we don’t quit until the work is done.

4. Emotional Support
For most parents, taking the SAT and ACT signals the beginning of the difficult and stressful college admissions process. As test prep experts, we know that one of our most important responsibilities is to be here for you and we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you need to vent or just need to talk things over, we want you to rely on us to support you.

“Susan quickly identified the parts of the SAT Reading and Writing that were giving my son trouble and she really honed in on helping him improve his performance in those areas. At the same time, she taught him how to read faster and more skillfully. After working with Susan, he finally got the score he needed to apply to all the colleges on his list.”

Ginny and Shrikar, parents of high school junior

SAT AND ACT Test Prep Services

for Students in 9th and 10th Grade

Starting in ninth and tenth grade, we teach your child:

• How to understand the format of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
• How to set realistic and advanced target scores
• How to identify personal test-taking strengths and weaknesses
• The six essential grammar rules needed to do well on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
• How to quickly eliminate wrong answers
• How to quickly predict correct answers
• Best ways to answer evidence-based questions
• Texts to read to improve PSAT and SAT scores
• How to analyze and learn from mistakes
• How to design a successful long-term and short-term study plan
• Best ways to reduce test anxiety

for Students in 11th and 12th Grade

Starting in eleventh grade, we show your child:

• How to use the test design to boost scores
• Easy ways to accelerate reading speed
• How to improve comprehension
• How to quickly predict correct answers
• Easy ways to eliminate wrong answers
• How to read only what you need
• How to use context to decode unfamiliar vocabulary
• Best ways to answer evidence-based questions quickly
• How to create an ACT essay formula to be used the day of the exam
• How to avoid the tricks and traps designed into the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
• How to analyze mistakes and use that understanding to boost scores
• The essential texts to read to maximize SAT and ACT scores
• Best ways to design a successful long-term and short-term study plan
• How to reduce test anxiety

What to Do Next?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our founder and head test prep tutor, Dr. Susan Osborn.


I look forward to speaking with you about the many ways we can boost your child’s college admissions chances by advancing your child’s PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores.

Susan Osborn, Ph.D.

All instruction is conducted in a private, distraction-free environment.


“Susan cares about her students and it shows. She went out of her way to make sure that our son felt confident and calm while teaching him strategic and time-efficient ways to optimize his score. Throughout the whole test prep process, she kept our son motivated and on target. We would recommend her to anyone.”
– Diane and Rob W., parent of 11th grader

“Meeting Susan was a real blessing. She’s a great motivator, and it only took a few lessons for our daughter to develop effective strategies for writing the SAT essay. What a celebration we had when Becca got the score that guaranteed her a scholarship!”
– Eddie and Doreen T., parents of 11th grader
“She is by far the best SAT prep tutor we have come across and we would recommend her to everyone. Throughout the whole test prep process, she kept my son motivated and on target.”
– Angela, parent of 11th grader

“Susan is thorough and methodical, but never overwhelming. After working with her just four times, I boosted my SAT score 270 points.”
– Ju, 10th grader

“After working with Susan three times, my son’s score moved from 31 to 34! She is a great test prep tutor.”
– Eui, parent of 11th grader