Let’s face it. No student enjoys taking these tests. But as dreaded as they are, the SAT and ACT tests really do have value.

Most students describe the SAT and ACT tests as “stress-inducing,” “mind-numbing,” and even “a form of ritual torture.” But there are many good many reasons to take these tests, and one really good reason to take one or both of these tests. What is it? Standardized test scores provide college admissions officers with the only hard data by which admissions officers can compare students.

Admissions officers know that grading standards vary from school to school and district to district. The SAT and ACT tests, however, provide college admissions officers with a more reliable assessment of your core college readiness. These are the only test scores in your application that provide college admissions officers with the numerical data they need to compare your core quantitative reasoning and critical thinking abilities to that of all other applicants worldwide.

Because the SAT and ACT tests provide reliable information about your core competency, the tests can be especially valuable for applicants whose transcript and activities list are not as strong as might be desired, as high test scores show college admissions officers that you’re a good problem solver and capable of reading carefully and analytically. Students in need of financial assistance can also boost their chances of scholarship money with high test scores.

What is the best way to prep for the SAT test and the ACT test? Timed test writing is a special kind of writing. Unlike other writing assignments, in the test situation, you don’t have a moment to spare. You are thinking under pressure and your test scores reflect your ability to quickly recall, synthesize, and analyze detailed material. So you need to be ready to read and write quickly, intelligently, and with focus.

Susan’s strategic approach teaches you

• What SAT and ACT readers look for
• How to break down a prompt
• Targeted reading and writing techniques
• Ready-to-use formulas for writing thesis statements and body paragraphs
• Five easy ways to add detail to your sentences
• Three fast ways to write conclusions
• Research-based strategies that maximize your time
• How to boost your scores by staying focused, relaxed, and positive

How is Susan’s approach different
from typical SAT and ACT test prep services?

• Susan doesn’t waste time with instruction that hasn’t been designed for you. Instead, she
builds on your unique learning strengths and style to show you
how to get the scores you want.

• Susan teaches you how to create reusable essay templates for use when practicing
and on the day of the test.

• She shows you how to improve your scores by developing test-day confidence.

Susan offers one-on-one instruction at The Writing Center of Princeton or in your home. Online tutoring is available via Skype. All lessons customized to meet the unique needs of each student. All instruction is available as individual lessons or discounted packages.

All instruction is conducted in a private, distraction-free environment.


“Susan cares about her students and it shows. She went out of her way to make sure that our son felt confident and calm while teaching him strategic and time-efficient ways to optimize his score. Throughout the whole test prep process, she kept our son motivated and on target. We would recommend her to anyone.”
– Diane and Rob W., parent of 11th grader

“Meeting Susan was a real blessing. She’s a great motivator, and it only took a few lessons for our daughter to develop effective strategies for writing the SAT essay. What a celebration we had when Becca got the score that guaranteed her a scholarship!”
– Eddie and Doreen T., parents of 11th grader

“She is by far the best SAT prep tutor we have come across and we would recommend her to everyone. Throughout the whole test prep process, she kept my son motivated and on target.”
– Angela, parent of 11th grader

“Susan is thorough and methodical, but never overwhelming. After working with her just four times, I boosted my SAT score 100 points.”
– Ju, 10th grader

“After working with Susan three times, my son’s score moved from 31 to 34! She is a great test prep tutor.”
– Eui, parent of 11th grader