NYU Continues Admissions Trend: Application Figures for Class of 2024

In a year in which some highly selective universities received fewer applications, once again, New York University received more applications than ever before.

NYU continued to attract more applicants than ever before, continuing their streak started 13 years ago.

In fact, over 85,000 students applied to become one of the approximately 6,500 students who will become members of NYU’s Class of 2024. Of these 85,000+ applicants, over 15,000 of them applied through NYU’s binding Early Decision program.

According to Washington Square News’ reporters, Lisa Cochran and Emily Mason, NYU also received a record number of applications from international students this year, despite indications that U.S. colleges and universities are beginning to witness declining interest among international students.

Everybody at my school wants to go to NYU and with all the competition, I didn’t think I had a chance. But today I found out that I’m going to be at NYU in September! Thank you! I would never have gotten into NYU without your help!

Jeffrey Kim, West Windsor-Plainsboro, NJ senior, admitted to NYU’s Class of 2024

How to explain this boon? According to NYU’s President, Andrew Hamilton, “[Y]oung people recognize NYU’s academic strengths across a wide range of disciplines. They are eager for a rigorous liberal arts education, drawn to the vibrancy and diversity of urban settings, attracted by access to internships, and enthusiastic for global learning and research opportunities.’”

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Not the most illuminating comment we’ve ever heard from a college president, but certainly accurate.


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